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Return to Narnia

It has been a rather long while since I posted on the wordpress blog. I’ve been getting my booklikes page and shelves up and running, and vacillating over whether or not I am going to keep up this blog, what it’s purpose will be, and other esoteric and bloggy questions.

And, 2014 is coming up in a big hurry. My daughter will be graduating from high school, turning 18 in the spring, and heading off to college in the fall. The terror related to paying for college has overtaken my life in a huge way, and I find myself overwhelmed with thinking through lifestyle changes, questions about parenting a teen boy and a girl who no longer lives under my roof, and what my family will look like in less than a year. My Classics Club reading has stalled out a bit, and work has been completely insane.

Also, did I mention, Christmas?

The first thing on my 2014 reading list is the C.S. Lewis Project, which will be administered over on Goodreads. The Chronicles of Narnia are comfort reading for me – and I could seriously use some comfort.


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